Our Plans for Baby’s First Eid!


This Ramadan and Eid is our first living together AND with a baby, so it will be a VERY special day. I’ve been putting so much effort into our Eid plans. Without further ado, here is our Eid plans!

First, going to start this off with in shaa Allah we will get to see Eid and have our plans go accordingly. Anyways, I will be making us smoothies as a quick breakfast before heading to Eid prayer. Next, we will be eating breakfast at IHOP (This has become a tradition of ours). We will then spend the day at the Bronx Zoo. We’ve decided on full experience tickets (access to special exhibits and the 4D theater). I’ll be packing us lunch to eat while there. Then for dinner we will be going to LongHorn Steakhouse (thanks to my best friend for giving us a gift card LOL).

The packed lunch is going to be turkey and cheese wraps, some fruit (probably melon, bananas, and grapes), cookies, and gatorade. *And anything else I decide to get when I go to the store.*

Also, here is a picture of Jannah’s first Eid outfit!


I am beyond excited for our first family Eid! I would love to know what your plans are for the holiday, so leave a comment!

*PS… pray for me as today she turns 4 months AND got her vaccines today!

*PSS… Come back Monday for a post full of pictures of our day!


When They Grow…


This post is a bit different than my usual…

My little Jannah is growing. She has just officially outgrown all of her newborn clothing. She is blowing raspberries. She giggles and babbles. She plays with toys…

At my baby shower, I received 2 of the same sleeper; one in newborn size and one in 0-3 months size. The newborn one was her coming home outfit. I just now put her into the     0-3 months one and compared a picture of now and then… then started to tear up.

Babies grow up so fast. She’s no longer my tiny, little newborn. She’s now a “proper” baby that you can interact with and she’s constantly learning new skills. In a blink of an eye, she will be of school age. In a blink of an eye, she will be driving a car. In a blink of an eye, she will be getting married (In shaa Allah [God willing]).

I’m sitting here reminiscing on the time I was pregnant with her. On the time I went into labor and gave birth to her. On the time she had to go to the NICU. On the time that I spent struggling to transition her from formula to breastfeeding… Time goes by way too fast.

The point of this post is to stop you for a second. Whether you are perfectly happy, stressed to your wits end, depressed, ticked off… take a second to appreciate how small your baby is in this moment. With each blink they grow up a little bit more. They will never be this tiny again. Appreciate these moments. Appreciate all of their firsts as they grow up. Live in the moment and be present… because these very moments become memories when they grow.


10 Ramadan Activities for Children


Ramadan is the best time of year for Muslims. Blessings galore. Fasting creates such a wonderful feeling of sympathy and joy once broken. As with most things, we must teach our children things. One of the best ways to get them to be more willing and excited about things is by making it fun! With that being said, here are 10 activities for children during Ramadan.

  1. Kindness advent calendar. Basically, every day there is a different random act of kindness/charity that the child must perform. In the process, you can use it to teach them about what they are doing and the reward behind these actions. After the act is completed, reward them with candy or a special treat.
  2. Make a storybook. Sit with your child and write a story related to Ramadan!
  3. Make “pillars of Islam” cylinders. Buy some wooden cylinders and paint them whichever colors desired. Then, write each of the 5 pillars on them! For a cheaper version, you can use toilet paper rolls.
  4. Ramadan game show. Make a little game show set up with buzzers (or something to represent buzzers) and quiz the kiddos on information related to Ramadan and Eid! Reward the winner with whatever you wish.
  5. Create a Ramadan journal. There are sooo many methods to doing so. Make on by hand, print out pre-made copies, or create your own online. Suggestions for what to include: prayer tracker (mark each prayer as it’s completed), markers for how long they fasted (partial, half, most, entire), space to write down thoughts, etc.

Ramadan is such a special time of year, so let’s teach our youth to love it as much as we do!

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night


I’d like to start by apologizing for being absent last week. Jannah is currently going through a leap, has a cold, and has been absolutely miserable and a handful, so I took the week off to tend to her.

Isn’t it frustrating when your little bundle of joy wakes up throughout the night? We end up so exhausted and frustrated from having to take care of our babies. It’s just not fair. In desperation, mamas research ways to get their newborns or babies to sleep through the whole night. Here’s some ways that work like a charm!

Start by getting your brain fixed. Babies wake up because they need to eat. Their tummies are still tiny, so they need to eat around the clock. As a parent, you must sacrifice comfort and other things in order to take care of the child you brought into this world. I promise you they aren’t waking up to be an inconvenience. Nobody said parenting would be easy. If it helps, try bedsharing or cosleeping. If you’re going to research anything, research how to safely bedshare. I was exhausted until I started bedsharing with Jannah. We both get sleep and she gets the milk she needs. Your baby comes first before yourself. Trying to get a baby to sleep through the entire night is just absolutely ridiculous.

Stop trying to get that poor baby to sleep through the night mama. If people are trying to tell you that she should be by now or whatever, ignore them. If baby wakes up, feed her. And no… rice cereal and or formula will not help baby sleep longer. Babies aren’t meant to sleep the entire night. Just remember… it won’t last forever.

10 Daddy-Child Date Ideas


As we know, it can be a bit harder for our men to bond with our precious ones. That’s why it’s especially important to give them as much opportunity to bond with our children as possible. Here are 10 date ideas for daddy and child (or children).

  1. Go out for lunch and/or ice cream. This gives them the opportunity to talk and bond. Also, what child doesn’t love ice cream?
  2. Go to the park. What’s more special than daddy and child playing together? Tag, ball, swinging, etc… They’re both bound to have tons of fun.
  3. Color and craft. Gather all the art supplies in the house. Sit at the table and enjoy some quality time while creating art together!
  4. Cook together. There’s nothing I loved more as a kid than helping to cook and bake. My nieces and nephew currently LOVE helping my parents cook. It’s a great bonding experience AND can be super educational!
  5. Go fishing. Right now my niece loves going fishing with my dad. Again. Bonding time and educational!
  6. Walk around the mall. This was a tradition for me and my dad. We would go to the mall and the first thing we would do is go to the pet store to see the puppies. Then we’d get pretzels or smoothies. I always looked forward to going to the mall with him.
  7. Go on a walk. Going for a walk, especially at night, is so relaxing and gives them a great chance to talk and bond. Me and my dad would walk up to the top of the hill at our house and just look at the view. So peaceful.
  8. Watch a movie. Whether at home or at the movie theater; grab some popcorn, candy, and drinks; and settle down together to watch a movie.
  9. Have a tea party. It always melts my heart to see fathers having tea parties with their little princesses. It’s another great chance to talk too!
  10. Go pick apples or strawberries. I did this once and it was one of the most fun things we ever did! You can also make it a bit educational by talking about how it grows!

It’s so important for fathers to have some alone time with their children. I hope these ideas helped inspire you!