My Labor and Delivery Story


Before I begin the real story, let me just mention I’m 19 years old and the BIGGEST wimp when it comes to pain. However, I planned for a completely natural labor.

I was due Febuary 18, 2017. My little girl didn’t make her grand entrance though, so I had another OBGYN appointment to schedule an induction date (which was Febuary 25). My doctor checked my cervix and I was 1cm. Well, my little one being the stubborn girl she is, decided to start making her way into this world that night. I started labor at 11 PM on Febuary 21. I figured they were just Braxton Hicks contractions again. It wasn’t until 3 AM that I decided it was real and I needed to get to the hospital. From the start of my contractions, they were already mostly 5 minutes apart and a minute long.

We arrived at the hospital shortly after we called (we live like 1 mile from the hospital). When they checked my cervix I was at 4cm. Me and my husband instantly looked at each other with lit eyes. It completely took us by surprise!

We were then moved into the delivery room. I labored naturally for a few hours until I reached 6cm. My body went into sort of a shock and stopped progressing. They broke my water, which caused my little one’s heartbeat to drop. Seeing the nurses hurry to get me oxygen really put me into a panic, completely making me forget about the pain. Once they realized I still wasn’t progressing, they encouraged me to get an epidural, which I have been deathly terrified of. I refused for a while, but finally decided to go through with it to avoid a c-section. It was honestly painless and BOY did I feel a lot better. After a few more hours I was checked and was at 9 1/2cm! Within a half hour of being checked I noticed I started to get a strong urge to push, so my husband kept calling the nurses to get my OBGYN into the room. Finally, everyone came in and we started the delivery. With a tiny episiotomy, a natural tear, and about 10 pushes, my baby girl was born weighing 6lbs 80z at 7:54 AM. I was a little out of it from the epidural, so there wasn’t any dramatic crying, but I was in absolute awe. She was super calm and quiet, which later I learned was because she had respiratory issues from all the oxygen I had. She was immediately taken to the NICU and stayed there until we got to take her home Febuary 25.

Now my little Jannah is extremely strong in multiple aspects. She is very alert and observative. Although I didn’t get my all natural labor, I did overcome a LOT of my fears and got a beautiful baby girl out of it.



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