The First Three Weeks with My Newborn


3 weeks

You know how everyone always says the first three weeks or first month is the hardest? Yea. They aren’t lying.

The first week was actually pretty nice. My baby and I got the hang of breastfeeding. She was on a decent schedule and slept SO well (especially at night). She didn’t fuss all that much. Our day was pretty much nursing and sleeping.

Then came week two… Have you ever heard about the two week growth spurt? It’s hell. Jannah started cluster feeding. She would nurse for hours on and off. Sleep became a bit harder during the day (goodbye nap times) as she became fussier.

Now we enter week three. Still nursing all the time, but now her sessions have become shorter and more frequent. She has begun to fight her sleep and cries a LOT, so this mommy has been getting very little sleep (she’s starting to fuss as we speak… can’t get a break).

Despite how hard these weeks have been, it has been such a rewarding experience that I will treasure forever. There have been tears, laughs, and awes. Some pointers that helped me through the beginning of my baby’s life:

  • Do NOT be afraid to ask for help. You will have your hands full, so ask for help with the baby or house chores when you need it.
  • Express how you’re feeling to someone. Most mothers experience the baby blues. Don’t bottle your emotions up, for that is really unhealthy for both you and baby.
  • Sleep when baby sleeps. Yes. I know. This is a piece of advice you probably have heard a million times, but it is such important advice to take. You never know how the night is gonna go, so if your baby takes a nap so do you.
  • Don’t let people dictate how you parent. With a newborn, you will have advice being shoved down your throat left and right. Research on your own and then decide what you will take and what you will leave. You are the parent, so don’t let others control you and the baby.
  • Enjoy these moments while it lasts. Babies are only this small for such a short period of time. Enjoy the cuddles, snuggles, nursing sessions, and every little detail in between.

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