What Postpartum Products My Hospital Provided


I honestly didn’t expect to love my postpartum experience as much as I did. Most of the things the nurses provided me with are AMAZING. Anyways, let’s jump right into the products!

  1. Mesh panties. Words cannot explain how comfy and just amazing they are! I would totally wear them over regular underwear any day! The nurses provided me with about 5 pairs.
  2. Pads. The essential product for postpartum. I received 4 packs of pads. They were cheap, crappy pads but hey, when you just had a baby quality pads aren’t much of a priority.
  3. Dermoplast. Aka my postpartum lifesaver. This spray helped soothe the soreness from my stitches SO much. If your hospital or place of delivery doesn’t provide this for you, I HIGHLY suggest getting your hands on some!
  4. Dibucaine ointment. I honestly didn’t use this all that much. It didn’t seem to help too much, but it did at least feel nice.
  5. Ice packs. The nurses gave me 2 ice packs. They were sort of like bean bags that you have to snap a tube inside of to make the pack cold. Again. Lifesaver. I really wish I would’ve asked for an extra or two!
  6. Peri bottle. I love this little bottle so darn much! It felt so nice on my stitches. Even now that my stitches have healed, I still use it. As a Muslim, it also makes a great wudhu cup (hands-free too)!
  7. Sitz bath. The nurses had me take this sitz bath tub home with me. I haven’t used it. Don’t really plan to either. It just seems like too much work and really confusing.
  8. Inflatable donut. This miracle of a donut is one of my favorite things ever. It relieved the pain of sitting on my stitches. I still use it to relieve some back pain while holding my daughter. It’s so comfy! If your location of choice doesn’t provide these, try rolling a towel up and shaping it into a donut!

I was also provided with some things for my daughter.

  1. Diapers. The nurses in the NICU gave me the rest of her diapers and an extra pack. They were size 1 Pampers.
  2. Bottles. Since she was in the NICU, they were formula feeding her (as much as I kept insisting on breastfeeding. She was perfectly fine too; just wouldn’t eat well). They gave me a bunch of the little bottles they use.
  3. Ready-to-eat formula. The nurses gave me a 4-pack of the Similac formula they were feeding her.

My recovery was smooth and mostly painless thanks to these products that are such little miracles of inventions. I’d love to hear what your favorite postpartum products were and what helped you recover!


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