5 Must-Haves for a Fussy Baby

fussyBabies can be pretty fussy. Jannah, who will be 5 weeks in two days, is crying and fussing pretty much all day. If you are a parent, then you know the stress of having to constantly try to soothe a crying baby (unless you have a miracle child who is quiet all the time… I envy you). So, in hopes to help my fellow mamas (or dadas!), here are the 5 things I use to help keep my little bundle of joy… well a bundle of joy!

  1. Bouncer. This one is used the least, but it still works! I will put the bounce and music level to the highest option and wrap her up in a snuggly blanket with a binky. It takes a few times of putting her binky back in and shushing her, but she does calm down!
  2. Swing. This is our go-to for getting her to nap during the day. We wrap her in the blanket, giver her a binky, and put the swing on the highest option. Again, it takes a few times, but she does usually fall asleep after a bit of a fight!
  3. Sound machine. I have two options for sound. At our baby shower, we received a little aquarium sound machine that plays ocean sounds and music. I also use an app called Sleep Baby that plays different noises like in utero, heartbeat, shower, washing machine, stream, car, etc. I put in utero on and turn my volume all the way up, put the speaker close to her ear, and that usually does the trick. The only downside is I basically no longer have a phone. Children these days.
  4. Baby carrier/wrap. If you don’t have one I highly suggest you do. I currently have a regular carrier that has all the straps and snaps. It’s great in terms of being able to be used with older babies too, but to use around the house is a bit of a hassle. I ordered a baby wrap to use around the house which also makes it super easy to nurse her while getting house chores done!
  5. Swaddle sack. We were gifted a little sack that has flaps to secure the baby’s arms.. it made swaddling SO much easier and she doesn’t break out of it as easily! Any swaddle will do though! I swear by it… it’s pretty much the only way she will sleep!

If you don’t have one or some of these, and you have a fussy baby, I suggest trying them out! What are your go-to items for your baby? I’d love to hear about them!


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