20 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Relationship When You Have a Baby

20 ways.png

Let’s face it. Having a baby can put a strain on your romantic life. The world no longer revolves around you and your partner, but around your baby. It’s no longer movie dates, dinner dates, walks on the beach, but now it’s changing diapers, feeding, soothing, changing diapers again, and again, and… well you get the point. The first few months, especially for first time parents, can be very trying on a couple. However, just because there’s a new addition to your family doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy time with your partner! Here’s 20 ways to maintain a healthy relationship even with a baby!

  1. Go on family walks. Everyone needs fresh air. Going on walks helps me and my husband clear our minds and refresh, so grab the stroller (or carrier) and go on a nice family walk.
  2. Have family movie nights. Yes. This is possible with a baby. If she needs to eat, snuggle up with your partner while you do so and enjoy a nice movie.
  3. Enjoy a family dinner together. Set up a nice dinner. If baby is asleep, great! If baby is hungry, latch her on (or give a bottle) and enjoy a cute little family dinner!
  4. Cuddle. If you’re breastfeeding, dads tend to feel left out. Take this opportunity to snuggle up with baby and your partner!
  5. Read baby stories. Grab your precious baby and a few books and enjoy some quality family time before putting her to bed.
  6. Surprise your partner with a gift. It can be anything from a flower to a handmade card. To include little one, use finger paint to make images with their precious hands and/or feet!
  7. Give each other a massage. Parenting is hard. Coming from experience, holding a baby almost all day can take some tolls on your back (oh the pain…). Reward each other for all the hard work you’ve done as parents and give each other a well deserved massage.
  8. Hug it out. Honestly, my husband and I have been REALLY slacking in showing affection ever since Jannah has been born. Take a second. Hug your partner. You need it. Trust me.
  9. Play. My husband and I have random fits of joking and playing around together. I can’t even explain how rejuvenating it is AND it boosts my love for him when we feel a little distant because of Jannah.
  10. Take a shower together. Once you get the baby asleep and settled, go enjoy a nice shower together. Hot showers help me relax and soothe my aching mommy body. As a bonus, you can rub each other’s back under the water for extra soothing!
  11. Play games. Whether it’s video, card, or board games, enjoy a game or two while baby naps or eats (a baby wrap would really come in handy here).
  12. Get through the night together. Yes. I’m looking at you dada. Help mama out during the night. Change the diaper, burp her, get mama, get mama a water and snack, and most importantly, just be there to support her. She will REALLY appreciate it. I promise.
  13. Go out to eat. Either with baby or get a babysitter. Try to get a date out every now and then. You both need a breather sometimes!
  14. Help mama with chores. Help out mama with chores. The first month has been nearly impossible to get anything done, so getting a helping hand is highly appreciated. Do the dishes, do laundry, sweep the floor… help out any way you can.
  15. Read together. By read together I mean religious text (Quran, Bible, etc.). If you’re not religious, or prefer the alternative, you can totally jam out together or write music together. I always cherish reading Quran with my husband. It’s one of my favorite things to do with him!
  16. Build leggo sets or do puzzles together. Ok. I totally got this one from DailyBumps on YouTube. They enjoy building leggo sets together which I think is super cute. So sit down together and build a puzzle! As Missy Lanning from DailyBumps says, leggos are like 3D puzzles. Enjoy!
  17. Let dada have baby time. Not only does it make dada super happy, it also makes mama happy! Who doesn’t love seeing their partner with a cute baby?
  18. Take photos. Whether it’s professionally or just on a cell phone, take some cute family photos! Those will be memories kept forever.
  19. Have a picnic. The park, the beach, your backyard… anywhere will do! Pack a basket and head out to have a little family picnic!
  20. Say “I love you.” I saved the most important for last. It is SO crucial that the both of you express your love and affection for each other. Make sure to say it every day! Bonus points if said during a stressful moment with baby!

Leave a comment of your favorites things to do with your partner postpartum are!


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