What I Pack in My Diaper Bag


Once you become a mom, this bag becomes your lifeline… or maybe it’s just me. I don’t step foot out of the house without my diaper bag because you never know what surprises that little child has in store. Well, this started AFTER a major accident at her pediatrician appointment. STORY TIME!

At Jannah’s one appointment, she had a blowout. I, of course, didn’t have an extra outfit. So there I was washing her onesie in the sink. I hung it on a chair for the rest of the appointment praying it would dry before we left, which of course, it didn’t. Mind you it was chilly out and we take buses. So I had to wrap her torso in a receiving blanket and tuck her thick blanket into all the straps of the baby carrier to try and keep her bare legs warm. That day was a NIGHTMARE. With that being said, I now ALWAYS keep a fully packed diaper bag with me. Here is what I pack in my diaper bag.

  1. Changing pad. You’d be surprised how little bathrooms actually have changing tables. I basically have to change her on the floor or a table in a waiting room. Changing pad. It’s a necessity. My diaper bag came with one… I probably wouldn’t have thought to even buy one if it didn’t.
  2. Diapers, wipes, and diaper rash cream. The essential diapering items. Depending on how long I plan to be out, I pack 2 to 4 diapers. I have 2 separate bottles of diaper rash cream so that way I never forget to pack it.
  3. An extra outfit. Enough said above… enough said above…
  4. Hat and mittens. These will probably be taken out once it’s warm enough out, but for now I always keep a pair in the diaper bag.
  5. Bib. Jannah drools A LOT. Without a bib the top of her outfit is always soaked.
  6. Burp cloth. Jannah spits up pretty much after EVERY feed… so this is an essential for us. Better safe than sorry (nobody wants to walk around with spit up on them).
  7. Nursing cover. I’m Muslim, so I don’t just nurse in public. I do, however, find a private spot. For example, I always nurse Jannah while in the doctor’s room while waiting for her to come in. So this doesn’t get used much, but I like having it just in case. Yes… I am one of those people with packing.
  8. Receiving blanket. If I don’t have her wrapped in one, I pack one. You never know what will happen (refer to above story). With it being cold, I like to keep one for extra warmth if needed.
  9. Stain eraser. At my baby shower, my friend got me Babyganics on-the-go stain eraser. Two words. Life. Saver.
  10. An extra binky. You never know when you will lose one… then you’re screwed if you do and don’t have an extra. Better safe than sorry!
  11. Mom stuff. Wallet, keys, chapstick, gum… basically the stuff I kept in my purse is now in my diaper bag. Nobody has time for 2 bags!

Do you pack something that isn’t listed above? Leave a comment of what you pack in your diaper bag!


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