How I Handle My Teething 6 Week Old


You heard me right… Jannah has started teething a few days before 6 weeks. Two words. Not. Fun.

Around 6 weeks babies typically go through a growth spurt. Add teething on top of it. Pray for me. But seriously, it’s been rough.

Jannah is EXTREMELY fussy. She cries most of the day and has been having rough nights too (so. very. tired.). Because of growing and teething she’s eating about every hour. She’s become super clingy. It’s just very rough right now.

There’s 2 things I’ve come to do to help ease her pain:

  1. Frozen breastmilk. You fill an ice cube tray with breastmilk. Once it’s frozen, put it in a fresh food feeder. I bought the Nuby brand, but preferred the Munchkin brand.
  2. Frozen binkies. I put them in the freezer and once they are nice and cold I give her one.

As for soothing her in general, I have started wearing her a lot more. I also hold her a lot. That’s pretty much the only way to keep her calm now.

What age did your little one start teething? What helped you through it? Leave a comment below!


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