My Baby’s Night Routine


I have been blessed (and cursed) with a baby who has been mostly on a day/night schedule her whole life. Jannah barely sleeps during the day, but nighttime has been wonderful… for the most part anyways. With this being said, it has been super easy to establish a bed time routine for my little girl.

We start our routine around 6 PM with a pre-routine feed. This way she isn’t entirely fussy through our routine. Around 7:30 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Jannah gets bathed… which she isn’t too fond of. Then I get her into pajamas. I’m also considering starting to massage her and use lotion at this time. By this time it is usually 8 PM, which I then swaddle her and feed her (I also am going to start reading her a bedtime story while nursing). I then bounce and rock her a little for her to get sleepy enough to be put in her bassinet.

In no way am I saying to get your baby onto a schedule early (she’s only 7 weeks). It just happens that her natural schedules allows for one. Don’t try to force your little one into a routine until they are ready for a schedule. When the time comes to start establishing a schedule, be persistent and consistent, but if it isn’t working out don’t keep pushing. Pick her up and love her. Try again tomorrow. Babies look to their mamas for love and comfort, so don’t neglect them! Build their trust, it will make establishing a routine much easier.

What is your little one’s bedtime routine? I’d love to know! Leave a comment below.


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