10 Alternative Uses for Breastmilk


As we all know, breastmilk provides the best nourishment for our precious babes. However, breastmilk is a miracle liquid… it has multiple uses besides being eaten! Here’s 10 alternative uses for breastmilk!

  1. Prevent/cure a diaper rash. All you have to do is squirt some onto the bum and let it air dry!
  2. Remove cradle cap. Massage some of that liquid gold onto their scalp and then use a baby comb or brush!
  3. Clear up baby acne. Just rub some milk onto the affected areas. It goes away almost immediately! (Ok, more so within 24 hours, but that’s still pretty fast!)
  4. Cure ear infections. Put a few drops into the infected ear every few hours.
  5. Relieve itchiness. Chicken Pox, poison ivy, bug bites, you name it. Either by a milk bath or dabbing it on with a cotton ball, breastmilk helps relieve itchiness!
  6. Help cure sickness and fevers. All you really got to do is nurse more frequently.
  7. Relieve sunburn. Like lotion, rub the breastmilk on for some relief. You can even try making breastmilk lotion!
  8. Make breastmilk lotion and soap. There are many recipes out there. Breastmilk is very nourishing for the skin, so expect to have great feeling skin!
  9. Making food. Yep! Basically anything that calls for milk can use breastmilk! Some examples are soup, popsicles, coffee creamer, and ice cream!
  10. Make breastmilk jewelry. This has become a popular trend. You can either have someone do it, or you can get a DIY kit and make it yourself!

What else do you like to use that liquid gold for? Leave a comment below so we can all learn!


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