Earning My Degree With a Baby


Yes, it can be done.

I have just finished my first week of studying online. Today actually marks week two. I am earning an Associate’s degree in business online from Independence University. It’s definitely not easy continuing your education with a new baby, but it’s definitely possible. Right now my class is basically just a “tutorial” class on how to use Canvas (the online classroom) and getting comfortable with everything, so it’s a bit easier to manage. The hardest part so far is managing to juggle nursing her and soothing her while trying to pay attention to my lectures.

If you decided to not go to college or quit college because you’re pregnant and or have a baby, I highly suggest looking into online university! Scheduling is pretty flexible. You work when you want or can. Not to mention you can work wherever you want and can dress however you want. Also, if you’re anti-social like me, not having to directly interact with people is a plus! I was always set on actually going to college on campus, but with a baby and exclusively breastfeeding, that just wasn’t an option right now. However, now that I’m studying online, I actually love it! All I can really say is give it a chance!

I’m currently working to set up a specific study area for me, so when it’s finished I will make a post with organization and study tips! Are you also earning a degree? What’s your experience like? I’d love to hear about it and any advice you might have for me and others!


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