Baby’s First Vaccines – Experience & Tips


The dreaded day has finally come. Jannah had her first shots. And let me tell you…. it. was. awful.

I nursed her while waiting for the doctor to come in so she wouldn’t already be miserable. Then the shots came, so she held my finger and I glued my lips to her precious head. Of course, she cried. A lot. After they were done, I had to get her dressed again. This was the worst part. She was literally shrieking… I have never heard her like that before, and it was absolutely heartbreaking. After rushing to dress her, I nursed her again and that made everything better. I then put her back in her baby wear carrier and she was out like a lightbulb.

We went home. And this is where everything fell apart. It was nurse, cry, nurse cry for the first few hours. She fought her sleep for most of the day. At about 6 PM she finally fell asleep, but kept waking up crying and going back to sleep. It is now 7:30 PM, and she has been steady sleeping. Thank. God. Alhamdulillah (praise be to God). So far, there’s no side effects really except being slightly warm.

I wanted to share the few things that did help to calm her down a little.

  1. The 5 S’s. This technique is shared in Dr. Harvey Karp’s book and movie The Happiest Baby on the Block. Swaddle, Side-stomach position, shushing, swinging, and sucking. I swaddled Jannah, gave her a binky, lied her on her belly on my lap with her head in my hand and rocked her back and forth while shushing her. This is what got her to a sleepy enough stage to be put down and put to sleep.
  2. Nursing. Well… this one is obvious, but it works!
  3. Baby swing. That’s what she is sleeping in right now. I put on some white noise and put the swing on the highest level.
  4. Blanket. You NEED to be careful with this one. Jannah will only sleep if she has a blanket in her face. I obviously make sure it’s not entirely on her face and she can breathe. Once she IS asleep, I move it away. But her blankets are such comfort objects to her.  I made a dome over her head with some of the blanket she’s wrapped in to block out the light, and she was out shortly after. If you do have to use blankets or your baby is the same way, MAKE SURE you are checking on her to ensure she is able to breathe and AS SOON as she is asleep, move the blanket!!! I also don’t really recommend this option, but this is just how she is… stubborn little one I tell you.

How was your little one’s first time? How did you manage and cope? What methods worked best for soothing your baby? I’d love to know for her future vaccinations (I REALLY need some advice haha)!


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