A Letter to New Mothers


Dear Mama,

I know, it’s hard. Those sleepless nights, hours of crying, sacrificing so much of yourself for the sake of your baby… it takes a toll on you. Whether this is your first, or fifth, the struggles are still there. We get tired, dirty, hungry, frustrated, stressed… the list goes on. Sometimes we don’t even want to be a parent; we would rather go out to a party or simply just get a good night’s sleep again. As I sit here with a miserable, vaccinated baby, let me be the one to remind myself and you… IT WILL BE OKAY.

So many women out there WISH to be in our positions. They wish they could cuddle their fussy baby for hours on end. They wish they could be up at all hours of the night feeding and loving their baby. They wish they could have that dirty house because they are so busy being a mother. They wish they could sacrifice part of their lives for their child. We shouldn’t take it for granted.

In each moment that we are frustrated, stressed, exhausted… let us take a second to look at things and be grateful for that little bundle of joy (or misery… but still a joy). When we are annoyed that we aren’t getting anything done and just sitting around all the time, let us be thankful for those hours of acceptable laziness and intimate bonding time with our babies. When we are mad that we don’t have much of a social life anymore, let us be thankful for all the support we have for being a wonderful supermom.

We’re our babies’ everything. Their comfort, their nourishment, their nurses, the list goes on forever. We are amazing! Our job is exhausting and has no pay, but it’s the most rewarding experience to watch our babies grow up healthy and happy. They are only little for such a short amount of time. This exhaustion won’t last forever. We can do this! Take a step back. Take some deep breaths. Now carry on being the superwoman you are, mama!


Your fellow mama who is currently at a breaking point herself and taking a reality check.


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