5 Organization Tips for Students


Whether elementary, middle, high school, or college, organization is crucial to being successful. These tips will probably be aimed more towards higher level students in high school and college, but they may work for any age! You can always adapt these to suit your particular situation and age/grade.

  1. Get a planner. In elementary and middle school they gave us one, but in high school we had to buy our own (that’s okay though because we could get much cuter ones at the store). I LIVE for planners… well stationary in general. I’d be lost without my planner; it kept me organized in school and in personal life (with all these pediatrician appointments… gosh). Write down every assignment, test, quiz, presentation, due date, event, EVERYTHING.
  2. Set an alarm or calendar notification on your phone. This will remind you of upcoming due dates and help you keep track of what you need to get done. This also helps if you aren’t much of a planner person.
  3. Make daily To-Do lists. This doesn’t even have to be just for school. The night before each day, make a To-Do list of everything you need to get done. If something, like homework, gets added to that list that day, just add it into the list. Cross each item off as you complete it.
  4. Have separate items for each subject. Each class or subject should have its own binder, folder, notebook, or whatever tools you use for your classes. I personally prefer binders with tabs AND a folder in the back to put any current things I need. I also keep looseleaf paper in my binders along with having a notebook. I use the notebook for notes and looseleaf for homework.
  5. Color code. I LOVE color. I make each class or subject a particular color. This includes book cover, binder, folder, notebook, and pen color. This is especially helpful if you have a locker; it makes it easy to grab what you need fast. As for pen color, it helps keep your planner organized and visually appealing. It also helps you to see what you have for each subject.

What are your favorite organization methods? I’d love to hear it!


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