10 Daddy-Child Date Ideas


As we know, it can be a bit harder for our men to bond with our precious ones. That’s why it’s especially important to give them as much opportunity to bond with our children as possible. Here are 10 date ideas for daddy and child (or children).

  1. Go out for lunch and/or ice cream. This gives them the opportunity to talk and bond. Also, what child doesn’t love ice cream?
  2. Go to the park. What’s more special than daddy and child playing together? Tag, ball, swinging, etc… They’re both bound to have tons of fun.
  3. Color and craft. Gather all the art supplies in the house. Sit at the table and enjoy some quality time while creating art together!
  4. Cook together. There’s nothing I loved more as a kid than helping to cook and bake. My nieces and nephew currently LOVE helping my parents cook. It’s a great bonding experience AND can be super educational!
  5. Go fishing. Right now my niece loves going fishing with my dad. Again. Bonding time and educational!
  6. Walk around the mall. This was a tradition for me and my dad. We would go to the mall and the first thing we would do is go to the pet store to see the puppies. Then we’d get pretzels or smoothies. I always looked forward to going to the mall with him.
  7. Go on a walk. Going for a walk, especially at night, is so relaxing and gives them a great chance to talk and bond. Me and my dad would walk up to the top of the hill at our house and just look at the view. So peaceful.
  8. Watch a movie. Whether at home or at the movie theater; grab some popcorn, candy, and drinks; and settle down together to watch a movie.
  9. Have a tea party. It always melts my heart to see fathers having tea parties with their little princesses. It’s another great chance to talk too!
  10. Go pick apples or strawberries. I did this once and it was one of the most fun things we ever did! You can also make it a bit educational by talking about how it grows!

It’s so important for fathers to have some alone time with their children. I hope these ideas helped inspire you!


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