The Best Stain Remover!



In a previous post, I mentioned I would be testing OxiClean stain remover to see if it does better on Jannah’s stains and mentioned I’d make an update post about it… so here you go!

Honestly… I love it. Completely. Entirely. Life changing. Previously I used Dreft stain remover, but it was hit or miss with removing Jannah’s little (or huge…) poo stains. However, OxiClean has been removing them almost instantly! It doesn’t smell strongly, which is a plus in my books. I still recommend a to-go stain remover like Babyganics stain eraser for immediate action on stains. Then as soon as you can, I’d take the clothing straight to the sink with a bottle of OxiClean and spray away the stains. I barely even need to scrub the clothes for it to come clean either! So, if you’re looking for ways to get those pesky baby stains out, the easiest and fastest way is to use OxiClean.

PS… wow. This sounds so #sponsored. It’s not. (Although I wish… I really love this stuff!!)


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