Let’s Clean: Bedroom


Day 3: Wednesday… Bedroom Day!

With how our apartment is laid out… our “bedroom” is basically the living room. Which means we are in this room pretty much all the time. Therefore, it gets MESSY and fast.

To start out, I went around the room and cleaned up all of the trash and picked up the clutter.

Then I gathered all of the dirty laundry to take out. I also put away a few clean pieces that have been sitting around.

Next I cleaned the mirrors with Lysol Lemon Breeze scent All Purpose cleaner.

I swept and mopped the floor with my Swiffer WetJet.

After a bit of a break, I cleaned out the closets and reorganized them.

Finally, I just did a bit of rearranging the room and brought our desk from Jannah’s room in. We will be moving our bed into her room, so the living room can be what it is…. a living room.

Stay tuned Thursday for Day 4 of my cleaning series!


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