5 Gifts to Give Instead of Baby Clothes


Yes, I know. Baby clothes are so adorable and it’s hard to control yourself. However, baby needs things other than just clothes! In order to help some mamas out and to give inspiration on what to gift a mama besides clothes, here are a list of important items that nobody thinks about!

  1. D and C batteries. Let me bloody tell you how much money we spend on these darn things. We use her bouncer, swing, and sound machine so much that the batteries die almost weekly! Either buy a bunch of regular ones, or if you have the money to, buy the poor mama rechargeable batteries!
  2. Diaper trash can. I swear. I thought these were unnecessary, but boy was I wrong. I find diapers all over the place because of it. I just bought a $1 tiny can from Family Dollar to help keep them in one spot.
  3. Sleep sacks and swaddles. Since blankets are a big no no in the crib, playpen, or where ever baby sleeps, get mama a couple of these suckers to help keep baby comfortable at bed time!
  4. Stain remover. If you care anything about the baby’s cute clothes… for the love help a mama out! I prefer OxiClean stain remover, as it removes the stains almost instantly!
  5. Freezer meals. Prepare a few meals that all mama has to do is thaw and pop in the oven! Pasta dishes like lasagna are a great option for this! There’s times where I barely eat because I’m just not able to cook, so this would be extremely helpful.

As great as getting a bunch of cute baby clothes is, sometimes it’s nice to get other necessities. I hope this helps you with practical and useful gift ideas for an expecting or new mama!


2 thoughts on “5 Gifts to Give Instead of Baby Clothes

    • Yes! We are actually pretty broke.. most of our stuff was gifts, so I’m super grateful for all the clothes. But these other things would be sooo helpful haha. I’ve had to tell people to stop buying clothes for a bit and if they want to get gifts get these things and some books and toys!


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