BLW Journey: The First Month

So. Jannah is 7 months tomorrow. Which means she has been doing BLW for a month now. And let me tell you… she LOVES it!

For the first few weeks, she was more so just playing with food than actually eating. Which is OK, as on average babies start to actually eat around 8-10 months. However, in the past week, Jannah has actually been starting to eat more!

So far, some of her favorite foods are bbq chicken, cooked baby carrots, peanut butter toast, ice cream, and bagels.

As far as gagging goes, she has only gagged a few times. When she does start to gag, I calmly sit and watch. Once she’s worked it out I say, “Good job baby!”

Now that she is eating, she has become such a little chubby baby. She currently weighs 16.4 lbs. She’s starting to kill my arms when I hold her haha!

Below I will share some photos of her meals so you can get an idea of how foods should be cut for babies!


Strawberry jam on toast, banana, string cheese, and plums.


Bbq chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and brussel sprouts.


Beans on rice.


Spaghetti with mushrooms and shredded cheese.


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