10 Ramadan Activities for Children


Ramadan is the best time of year for Muslims. Blessings galore. Fasting creates such a wonderful feeling of sympathy and joy once broken. As with most things, we must teach our children things. One of the best ways to get them to be more willing and excited about things is by making it fun! With that being said, here are 10 activities for children during Ramadan.

  1. Kindness advent calendar. Basically, every day there is a different random act of kindness/charity that the child must perform. In the process, you can use it to teach them about what they are doing and the reward behind these actions. After the act is completed, reward them with candy or a special treat.
  2. Make a storybook. Sit with your child and write a story related to Ramadan!
  3. Make “pillars of Islam” cylinders. Buy some wooden cylinders and paint them whichever colors desired. Then, write each of the 5 pillars on them! For a cheaper version, you can use toilet paper rolls.
  4. Ramadan game show. Make a little game show set up with buzzers (or something to represent buzzers) and quiz the kiddos on information related to Ramadan and Eid! Reward the winner with whatever you wish.
  5. Create a Ramadan journal. There are sooo many methods to doing so. Make on by hand, print out pre-made copies, or create your own online. Suggestions for what to include: prayer tracker (mark each prayer as it’s completed), markers for how long they fasted (partial, half, most, entire), space to write down thoughts, etc.

Ramadan is such a special time of year, so let’s teach our youth to love it as much as we do!


10 Creative and Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas


Baby showers are one of my favorite events in the entire world… probably because they are all about babies! Baby shopping is a serious addiction of mine (come on… look at all those tiny clothes). Something I’ve come to realize is that people all tend to get the same things, so I’ve decided to share _ creative and unique baby shower gifts!

  1. Book card. Basically, instead of a card (that is useless and might end up in the trash), write a message and sign a children’s book!
  2. Kits. Personalized baskets or any containers for breastfeeding, postpardiaper changing, bath time… the options are endless. You grab a bin, basket, or whatever container you’d like to present it in (preferably something that will also be useful for what the kit is made for) and fill it with things that will make the specific task easier. For example, in a breastfeeding kit, you might add nursing pads, a water bottle, snacks, a book or magazine, and a haakaa with storage bags. In a bath kit, you might add a towel, washcloths, shampoo, lotion, and a bath toy. Have fun with it and think outside of the box!
  3. NoseFrida. This tool is becoming a popular item to have. You basically stick one end into baby’s nose and suck the tube to remove the boogies.
  4. Sleep sacks. These are basically the easy version of swaddling. Instead of struggling with a blanket, you just slip the baby in the sack and secure the flaps.
  5. Fresh food feeder. These will be a life saver when baby starts teething. You put food or frozen breastmilk in it and let baby chew on it.
  6. Egg socks. For this, buy a couple pairs of socks in each size. Then, roll them up and either stuff them into plastic eggs or simply tie them with ribbon or string and place into an egg carton. Simple, cute, and practical (not to mention perfect for Easter/springtime showers)!
  7. Milestone blanket or stickers. Everybody loves those super cute milestone pictures, but not everybody thinks to buy stickers or a blanket!
  8. A list of Facebook groups. There are sooo many mommy groups out there! Breastfeeding support, formula groups, general mommy support groups… you name it! Research a bit, or suggest your favorite ones! All mamas need some support and a place to ask questions!
  9. A diaper cake. Nothing is better than getting diapers at a baby shower. To make a diaper cake, simply roll the diapers, secure with rubber bands, and secure each “cake layer” with string or ribbon. To earn bonus points, add some other baby items like toys, bottle, shampoo, lotion, etc.
  10. Restaurant gift cards or freezer meals. I know freezer meals are something I really hoped for. These are just dinners you make in advanced and store in the freezer. Then once you are ready to eat it, all you have to do is pop it in the oven for a bit! Another nice idea is a gift card to mama’s favorite restaurant!

What are some things you wish you would’ve gotten at your baby shower? Do you have any cute DIY gifts you’ve made? I’d love to know!