Let’s Clean: Nursery


Welcome to the last post in my first cleaning series!

Day 4: Thursday… Jannah’s (well now ours) room!

We decided to move our bed out from the what’s supposed to be living room and put it in Jannah’s room since she ends up in our bed every night anyways.

To start, I cleaned up all the clutter and picked up any trash that was lying around.

Then I moved the rocking chair out to the living room to make room for the bed.

I swept and mopped the floor with my Swiffer WetJet.

I rearranged Jannah’s furniture (clothing rack and cubby hole shelf) and wiped them down with up&up lemon scent disinfecting wipes.

Finally, with hubby’s help, we moved the bed in.

This room is barely ever touched, so minimal work was needed. I hope you enjoyed this series, and if you haven’t yet, check out the rest of this cleaning series!


Let’s Clean: Bedroom


Day 3: Wednesday… Bedroom Day!

With how our apartment is laid out… our “bedroom” is basically the living room. Which means we are in this room pretty much all the time. Therefore, it gets MESSY and fast.

To start out, I went around the room and cleaned up all of the trash and picked up the clutter.

Then I gathered all of the dirty laundry to take out. I also put away a few clean pieces that have been sitting around.

Next I cleaned the mirrors with Lysol Lemon Breeze scent All Purpose cleaner.

I swept and mopped the floor with my Swiffer WetJet.

After a bit of a break, I cleaned out the closets and reorganized them.

Finally, I just did a bit of rearranging the room and brought our desk from Jannah’s room in. We will be moving our bed into her room, so the living room can be what it is…. a living room.

Stay tuned Thursday for Day 4 of my cleaning series!

Let’s Clean: Kitchen


Day 2: Tuesday… Kitchen Day!

I swear this day was looooong overdue.

I started by picking up and throwing away all the trash, collecting all our mail and putting it in our mail drawer, and just cleaning up all the random clutter.

Then I did the dishes with Sun with oxygen cleaning action apple orchard scent dish soap ($1 from Family Dollar… talk about a WIN!) and sat them in the drying rack.

While the dishes were drying, I cleaned the coffee station and the kitchen table. I first used up&up lemon scent disinfecting wipes, then cleaned the tables with Lysol Lemon Breeze scent All Purpose Cleaner (if you can’t tell.. I love lemon cleaners).

Next I put the dishes away and cleaned the counter. I used the Lysol cleaner for this. I then went in with a bit of Clorox Regular bleach because… well I’m a germaphobe.

I quickly cleaned up the stovetop with some Lysol. I did this not too long ago, so it was just a touch up.

Then I spent a good while cleaning the cabinets. I took everything out and cleaned the cabinets with Lysol and a little bit of bleach. Then I reorganized the food and dishes.

I deep cleaned the fridge and freezer.. I took the shelves and drawers out and washed them in the bathtub using my Sun dish soap. Then I cleaned them with Lysol and yes… some bleach. I wiped the inside of the fridge down with the disinfecting wipes and then used Lysol. Once I put the fridge back together, I took the freezer contents out and did the same thing.

Finally I swept and mopped the floor with my Swiffer WetJet.

Stayed tuned Monday for Day 3 of my cleaning series!

Let’s Clean: Bathroom


So, if you’re anything like me, you LOVE cleaning. The week that I took off of posting to work on behind the scenes things on my site, I also decided to do a powerhouse cleaning of our whole apartment. This is also the first time I REALLY get to clean since Jannah was born. I decided to make this journey a little series here because I love hearing about how others clean their rooms and what products they use.

Day 1: Monday… Bathroom Day!

Alrighty… so I actually deep cleaned the bathroom not too long ago because it desperately needed it, so this isn’t my full routine. Keep coming back here for a future post about my whole bathroom cleaning routine! Anyways, the first thing I did was clean the toilet bowl. I keep Clorox Regular bleach in a spray bottle. I sprayed some into the bowl and simply used the toilet brush to clean off all the stains that this darn toilet collects so easily.

Next, I cleaned the sink counter and the sink. I used up&up lemon scent disinfecting wipes to clean the counter tops. For the actual sink, I sprayed it with Clorox All Purpose Disinfecting Cleaner and wiped it down with a rag. Then, I rinsed the sink out with water and rinsed the rag off.

Then came the tub/shower… I started by cleaning out all my Rapunzel hair that has cursed this entire apartment (long hair/postpartum struggles!). Then, I sprayed down the tub with bleach, opened the window, and let it sit for about 20 minutes. After the time was up, I wiped the tub down with the rag and finished it by rinsing the tub out with water.

Finally, I gave the floor a quick sweep and mop. I used my Swiffer WetJet to mop. I also took out the trash and put a new bag in the can.

Stay tuned Thursday for the next Let’s Clean!

The Best Stain Remover!



In a previous post, I mentioned I would be testing OxiClean stain remover to see if it does better on Jannah’s stains and mentioned I’d make an update post about it… so here you go!

Honestly… I love it. Completely. Entirely. Life changing. Previously I used Dreft stain remover, but it was hit or miss with removing Jannah’s little (or huge…) poo stains. However, OxiClean has been removing them almost instantly! It doesn’t smell strongly, which is a plus in my books. I still recommend a to-go stain remover like Babyganics stain eraser for immediate action on stains. Then as soon as you can, I’d take the clothing straight to the sink with a bottle of OxiClean and spray away the stains. I barely even need to scrub the clothes for it to come clean either! So, if you’re looking for ways to get those pesky baby stains out, the easiest and fastest way is to use OxiClean.

PS… wow. This sounds so #sponsored. It’s not. (Although I wish… I really love this stuff!!)