5 Gifts to Give Instead of Baby Clothes


Yes, I know. Baby clothes are so adorable and it’s hard to control yourself. However, baby needs things other than just clothes! In order to help some mamas out and to give inspiration on what to gift a mama besides clothes, here are a list of important items that nobody thinks about!

  1. D and C batteries. Let me bloody tell you how much money we spend on these darn things. We use her bouncer, swing, and sound machine so much that the batteries die almost weekly! Either buy a bunch of regular ones, or if you have the money to, buy the poor mama rechargeable batteries!
  2. Diaper trash can. I swear. I thought these were unnecessary, but boy was I wrong. I find diapers all over the place because of it. I just bought a $1 tiny can from Family Dollar to help keep them in one spot.
  3. Sleep sacks and swaddles. Since blankets are a big no no in the crib, playpen, or where ever baby sleeps, get mama a couple of these suckers to help keep baby comfortable at bed time!
  4. Stain remover. If you care anything about the baby’s cute clothes… for the love help a mama out! I prefer OxiClean stain remover, as it removes the stains almost instantly!
  5. Freezer meals. Prepare a few meals that all mama has to do is thaw and pop in the oven! Pasta dishes like lasagna are a great option for this! There’s times where I barely eat because I’m just not able to cook, so this would be extremely helpful.

As great as getting a bunch of cute baby clothes is, sometimes it’s nice to get other necessities. I hope this helps you with practical and useful gift ideas for an expecting or new mama!


10 Daddy-Child Date Ideas


As we know, it can be a bit harder for our men to bond with our precious ones. That’s why it’s especially important to give them as much opportunity to bond with our children as possible. Here are 10 date ideas for daddy and child (or children).

  1. Go out for lunch and/or ice cream. This gives them the opportunity to talk and bond. Also, what child doesn’t love ice cream?
  2. Go to the park. What’s more special than daddy and child playing together? Tag, ball, swinging, etc… They’re both bound to have tons of fun.
  3. Color and craft. Gather all the art supplies in the house. Sit at the table and enjoy some quality time while creating art together!
  4. Cook together. There’s nothing I loved more as a kid than helping to cook and bake. My nieces and nephew currently LOVE helping my parents cook. It’s a great bonding experience AND can be super educational!
  5. Go fishing. Right now my niece loves going fishing with my dad. Again. Bonding time and educational!
  6. Walk around the mall. This was a tradition for me and my dad. We would go to the mall and the first thing we would do is go to the pet store to see the puppies. Then we’d get pretzels or smoothies. I always looked forward to going to the mall with him.
  7. Go on a walk. Going for a walk, especially at night, is so relaxing and gives them a great chance to talk and bond. Me and my dad would walk up to the top of the hill at our house and just look at the view. So peaceful.
  8. Watch a movie. Whether at home or at the movie theater; grab some popcorn, candy, and drinks; and settle down together to watch a movie.
  9. Have a tea party. It always melts my heart to see fathers having tea parties with their little princesses. It’s another great chance to talk too!
  10. Go pick apples or strawberries. I did this once and it was one of the most fun things we ever did! You can also make it a bit educational by talking about how it grows!

It’s so important for fathers to have some alone time with their children. I hope these ideas helped inspire you!

My Thoughts on the Haakaa


The haakaa, for those of you that don’t know, is a silicone milk catcher. All you do is suction it on to the opposite breast that baby isn’t nursing from and it catches the letdown!

I just started using mine today and I’m a bit unsure about it. Mainly just because I got my hopes up on how much I’d get with each use. I get about 1 oz. with each use. Other than that, I love it!

It doesn’t hurt to use. However, it is a bit of a struggle to keep on. I don’t know if it’s just of the size and shape of my chest or if it just takes practice. I’m trying to build up a supply to give to my friend who is struggling to produce enough for her baby, so this is a very easy way to collect milk. If you plan to only give a bottle on occasion, then the haakaa is great. You can save up a bit of milk for a bottle when needed. To boost the amount, I might try to manual pump after.

I wouldn’t suggest using only the haakaa if you are EP (exclusively pumping) since it only catches the foremilk. That could cause foremilk-hindmilk imbalance. The haakaa is just to make sure you aren’t wasting any milk that normally would just go into the nursing pad. There are many different brands that run for different prices. I got mine off of Wish for only $5. I suggest giving the haakaa a try!

A Letter to New Mothers


Dear Mama,

I know, it’s hard. Those sleepless nights, hours of crying, sacrificing so much of yourself for the sake of your baby… it takes a toll on you. Whether this is your first, or fifth, the struggles are still there. We get tired, dirty, hungry, frustrated, stressed… the list goes on. Sometimes we don’t even want to be a parent; we would rather go out to a party or simply just get a good night’s sleep again. As I sit here with a miserable, vaccinated baby, let me be the one to remind myself and you… IT WILL BE OKAY.

So many women out there WISH to be in our positions. They wish they could cuddle their fussy baby for hours on end. They wish they could be up at all hours of the night feeding and loving their baby. They wish they could have that dirty house because they are so busy being a mother. They wish they could sacrifice part of their lives for their child. We shouldn’t take it for granted.

In each moment that we are frustrated, stressed, exhausted… let us take a second to look at things and be grateful for that little bundle of joy (or misery… but still a joy). When we are annoyed that we aren’t getting anything done and just sitting around all the time, let us be thankful for those hours of acceptable laziness and intimate bonding time with our babies. When we are mad that we don’t have much of a social life anymore, let us be thankful for all the support we have for being a wonderful supermom.

We’re our babies’ everything. Their comfort, their nourishment, their nurses, the list goes on forever. We are amazing! Our job is exhausting and has no pay, but it’s the most rewarding experience to watch our babies grow up healthy and happy. They are only little for such a short amount of time. This exhaustion won’t last forever. We can do this! Take a step back. Take some deep breaths. Now carry on being the superwoman you are, mama!


Your fellow mama who is currently at a breaking point herself and taking a reality check.

5 Struggles of a New Parent


I apologize for this late post.. I’m sure you know what it’s like with having a new baby (as I sit here typing this and holding a binky in Jannah’s mouth as she fights sleep). I decided to do a post that’s light and humorous (well I hope anyways). Introducing *drum roll* 5 struggles of a new parent.

  1. Using the bathroom. I admit.. I’ve had to go once or twice while feeding her. Oh come on, I’m sure you have too! Oh, and if not, you’re making it a 2 second trip because she is sceaming bloody murder.
  2. “Ah, finally asleep.” *Gets up to make food.* *Baby cries.* “Or not…” In these moments I’ve learned to put the carrier on and just wear her. Or else I’d never see food again.
  3. This one is for my public transportaton peeps. Being on a quiet bus when suddenly your baby decides to scream bloody murder. This makes me want to crawl under a rock!
  4. Being out somewhere and a major blowout happens… but only to find you forgot an extra outfit. So now you’re frantically trying to figure out what to do.
  5. Defending your ways of parenting. This could be an entire post of its own really. “When are you going to stop breastfeeding?” “Why cloth diapers?” “Stop holding her, you’re spoiling her!” “Give her some food, my son did and he’s ok!” Oh.. just let me slap them. No matter what we choose, we will always have critics.

Can you relate to any of these? What are some other struggles you go through?